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Expansion among clients who are eager to enhance their financial prosperity through partnership.

At Hi-Tech Pipes Ltd, we believe in fostering a robust and mutually beneficial relationship with our investors. As you navigate through our Investor Relations page, you will find detailed insights into our financial performance, company projects, and growth strategies. We are committed to operational excellence and delivering value to our stakeholders. Our consistent growth, underpinned by our dedication to innovation and commitment to high-quality steel pipe manufacturing, offers promising opportunities for investors looking to enhance their financial prosperity.

Comprehensive financial data, including our quarterly and annual reports, key financial statements, and other important disclosures for our shareholders and potential investors.

Resources for our shareholders and potential investors, providing key financial data, performance reports, stock information, and corporate announcements.

Comprehensive hub for our shareholders, providing vital financial data, performance reports, and corporate updates, reflecting our commitment to sustainable growth.


Annual Report
2020 - 21

Financial Result Q2
FY 2022

Financial Result Q2
FY 2022

Financial Result Q3
FY 2022

Financial Result Q4
FY 2021


Grievance Redressal

Arun Kumar

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Tel. No. 011-48440050
Mob. No. 7827801010
E-mail: cs@hitechpipes.in

Registrar & Share Transfer Agent

Bigshare Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mukesh Kumar

Tel. No. 011-42425004
Mob. No. 7838389295
E-mail: MUKESH@bigshareonline.com

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