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Date of Incorporation

The Company was incorporated as Ram Lal Harbans Lal Ltd. on 2nd January, 1985 under the Companies Act, 1956. The Company changed its name/status from Ram Lal Harbans Lal Ltd to HI-TECH PIPES LIMITED on 14TH OCTOBER, 1986..

CIN (Corporate Identification Number)
CIN of the Company is L27202DL1985PLC019750.

Listing on Stock Exchanges
Name of the Stock Exchange - National Stock Exchange of india limited (BSE Limited)

Security Code - HITECH
Scrip Code- 543411

Ownership in Physical and Demat Mode
As at the end of current quarter, 2018, 100% of the Company's paid up capital is held in dematerialized form.

As a good corporate governance practice, it is the endeavor of Company to keep apprising its shareholders to opt for dematerialised shareholding. Considering the advantages of scrip less trading, the Company encourages Members to consider dematerialization of their shareholding so as to avoid inconvenience involved in the physical shares such as mutilation, possibility of loss/misplacement, delay in transit etc. and also to ensure safe and speedy transaction in securities.

Investor Contact Hi-Tech Office:

Arun Kumar
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Tel. No. 011-48440050
Mob. No. 7827801010

Registrar & Share Transfer Agent

Bigshare Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mukesh Kumar
Tel. No.: 011-42425004 7838389295

Managing your shares
  •  If you are still holding your Shares in physical form, get them dematerialised.
  •  Getting your shares dematerialised is quick and easy!
  •  You need to first open a Demat A/c with any DP (Depository Participant) of your choice. This is like a bank a/c - in bank you keep money and in a demat a/c you keep shares. The list of DPs is available on the websites of depositories: CDSL(Central Depository Services(India) Ltd and NSDL(National Securities Depository Ltd).
  •  Obtain your Demat A/c No. from your DP. This is also called beneficial owner identification number (BO ID). All your purchases/ investments in shares will be credited to this account. If you sell your securities, your demat account will be debited.
  •  Obtain a Demat Request Form (DRF) from your DP and surrender your physical share certificates to your DP along with this DRF.
  •  Your DP will then forward your share certificates to the Company or its RTA (Registrar and Share Transfer Agent).
  •  Your DP will credit the holding of your shares into your demat account, electronically. Dematerialization will normally take about 3 weeks
payment of dividends

The Company uses electronic means (electronic clearing services, direct credit, real time gross settlement, national electronic funds transfer etc.) for making payment of dividend. For this purpose, the bank details of the Shareholders are sought from

  •  Company's records/ masters as per the details furnished by the shareholders
  •  Depositories, in case of shareholders holding securities in dematerialized mode

In cases where either the bank details such as MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) etc. that are required for making electronic payment are not available or the electronic payment instructions have failed or have been rejected by the bank, "payable-at-par" warrants/ cheques/DD are issued for making payments.

  • Your dividend is credited directly into your bank if your Bank Details are updated
  •  In case your Bank Details are not updated, Dividend Warrant/DD/Cheque is despatched at your registered address
Details of Nodal Officer for Investor Education & Provident Fund

Mr. Arun Kumar
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Tel. No. 011-48440050
Mob. No. 7827801010