In Today's scenario of rising cost of steel, it is most essential to use such products that provide optimum utilization such as least possible weight without compromising on the strength and custom lengths and punches for faster application and installation. Cold Roll Formed sections are the perfect replacement for the heavy, unviable traditionally formed sections. Cold-formed sections hold a superior edge in comparison to other traditionally produced sections.

The following advantages are offered by cold-formed sections :
  • - Better strength to weight ratio.
  • - High rigidity due to use of High Tensile Steel saves weight and hence, cost.
  • - Flexibility in thickness and custom lengths can be offered.
  • - Complex geometrical shapes can be produced.
  • - Closer tolerances of the produced sections.
  • - Better consistency and accuracy are achieved.
  • - Smoother and Better surface finish.
  • - Sections directly from Galvanized or Color Coated coils can be formed.
  • - On-line cutting and custom punching increases production speed and cost.
  • - Better and consistent chemical and mechanical properties achieved.

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