Our partners in success

We provide a wide range of innovative solutions that cater to various industries, from housing to transport. Our product suite seamlessly covers the conventional that positions steel products at the core of all construction and the contemporary that provides a bouquet of appliances that are part of our daily life. We have navigated through several industry cycles and economic headwinds across decades to emerge stronger. We can attribute this to the strength of our distribution model as well as partnerships with the key stakeholders, such as the architects, engineers and OEM partners who helped us understand the evolving macro trends and customer aspirations.

Over the years, we have ensured that this strong network works in sync with Hi-Tech Pipes marketing system to generate value for its different stakeholders and evoke trust. The Company has established a highly integrated, ever-expanding distribution network, built across 3 decades of prominence in the industry. This network comprises over 390 distributors and dealers, and 590+ SKUs spread across India.

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Dealer & Distributors

With our core focus on manufacturing, we have been successful in developing value-added, quality, and engineered products that have found application across various industries. Also, prudent marketing initiatives have helped widen the reach of customers.

But ensuring that our products reach our customers at the right time and at the required quantity has also been another key enabler which has helped us to grow sustainably. And it has made this possible by our extended family, i.e. our longstanding dealer and distributor network. It is their trust in HTPL and ours on them that has helped both of us grow sustainably over the years. Going above and beyond their regular responsibilities, they have ensured that our products are available in the farthest corner of India at the right time and every time. They have also played a key role in communicating on behalf of the customers in terms of what product improvement or customization they need, therefore acting as a communication bridge between the HTPL and our esteemed customers.

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Architect & Engineers

As an emerging piping solutions provider, we are on a constant lookout for improving our existing products, developing new products, and understand the customer’s requirements to provide value-added products. Over the years, we have been successful in ticking the right boxes in these three areas thanks to our strong network of architects and engineers. They have been instrumental in helping us understand the changing need of our customers.

Their critical inputs, from time to time, have helped us evolve and develop new products matching the changing needs of our customers. Today, we are connected with a strong network of 65 architects and engineers.

OEM Partners

Sustainability has always played a significant role in steering HTPL’ business decision-making. We remain dedicated to holistic growth, with a keen focus on our OEM partners. We are building enduring relationships with our OEM partners and connecting with them regularly to understand their perspective. They have helped us develop innovative products which find application across various industry segments.

Hi Tech Partners
Hi tech pipes suppliers


Supply chains represent the most credible face of development, since they initiate highquality products for customers and dealers. We rely on our suppliers to sustain the development of our economy and ensure a more credible economic appraisal.


We place a lot of emphasis on new innovations, business ethics, and investors as our backbones. Our development over the years has resulted from our togetherness and understanding of each other.

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