Hi-Tech Firefighter

Structural Pipes For Fire Fighting

Every year, fire safety has become a more important issue for companies across different industries. Designed critically to cater the needs of firefighting, Hi-Tech Firefighter pipes are known for its distinguishing red quality, galvanized quality and durability.

Product USP

Raw material Prime HR Coil Logo

Use of high-quality Prime HR Coil


Good quality and corrosion-resistant varnishing

Product life, over 25 years

Perfect ovality thickness

Consistent pipe weight and thickness

Applicability Areas

Commericial Building

Housing Building


Chemically resistant, we subject the pipes to stringent stress test under critical field conditions


Corrosion-resistant and dent free, the pipes are safe for groundwater transport

Leak proof joints The pipes are high on strength and durability

Safe for high pressure water transportation

Hi-Tech Steel Pipes