Hi-Tech Firefighter

Structural Pipes For Fire Fighting

Hitech Fire Fighter Pipes are highquality pipes specifically engineered for use in fire applications, providing exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance. These pipes are made with the finest materials to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, ensuring reliable performance in critical situations. Whether you need to protect your property or the safety of your community, our fire fighter pipes are the ideal solution for your fire protection needs

Product USP

Raw material Prime HR Coil Logo

Use of high-quality Prime HR Coil


Good quality and corrosion-resistant varnishing

Product life, over 25 years

Perfect ovality thickness

Consistent pipe weight and thickness


Commericial Building

Housing Building


Chemically resistant, we subject the pipes to stringent stress test under critical field conditions


Corrosion-resistant and dent free, the pipes are safe for groundwater transport

Leak proof joints The pipes are high on strength and durability

Safe for high pressure water transportation

Hi-Tech Steel Pipes