Hi-Tech Crashgaurd 

Metal beam crash barriers

Metal Beam Crash Barrier

Known for its low initial material costs, easy installation, uncomplicated repairs, low maintenance, and durability, Hi-Tech Crashguard metal beam barriers help to keep the Indian road safe for the regular travelers. Hi-Tech Crashguard provides highly-visible protection in all weather conditions helping to increase confidence of the driver community. The guardrail system absorbs the impact of out-of-control vehicles while guiding the vehicle to safer stops. Proven results and consistent material quality make steel Hi-Tech Crashguard the preferred brand.

Hi-Tech Crashgaurd

Product USP

Critically designed and engineered metal crash guard

Critically designed and engineered metal crash guard

Restraining barriers on jiembankments of highways expressway

30 years life warranty

Service life of 30 years or longer

Minimizes accident severity and injuries

Minimizes accident severity and injuries

Applicability Areas

National Highways

National Highways, Expressways

High embankments / Sharp curves and Banks | Mines, collieries, etc.

High-density fast-moving traffic areas

High-density fast-moving traffic areas | Village areas along highways | Motor racing / Test drove tracks

Crash test sites | Factory areas | Traffic safety in Airports | Plants handling hazardous chemicals | Multi-Story parking


Ensures safety of the regular road travelers

Products quality matching international standards

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