Hi-Tech Bahubali

Jumbo Steel Pipes

Deriving its name from its core strength and colossal size, Hi-Tech Bahubali are large sized GI pipes used for building heavy structures. Therefore, for projects that are larger in nature, our Shakti pipes are preferred over other GI Pipes. Whether the project involves constructing an enormous building, manufacturing unit or irrigation systems, our Shakti pipes are the most preferred ones.

Hitech Bahubali steel pipes

Product USP

Raw material Prime HR Coil Logo

Use of high-quality
Prime HR Coil


Good quality and corrosion-resistant varnishing

Perfect ovality thickness

Known for its uniform weight and thickness

Product life of over 50 years

Product life of over 50 years

Applicability Areas

Infrastructure & Constructions


Metro stations


Chemically resistant

Corrosion-resistant and dent free

the pipes are available in different shapes and sizes

Consistent and uniform weight logo

We subject the pipes to stringent stress test under critical field conditions

Hi-Tech Steel Pipes